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  • Who We Are

    We are a deceivingly simple, technically delicious, modern-day accounting service.

    We craft uber-effective accounting processes that accelerate success for the emergent small business.

    Holland Solutions curates the kind of game-changing accounting technology that is critical to the success of your business. We aim to help you to be sure your money is supporting your vision. Using a progressive technology stack, we'll have your business running smoothly with business processes that help you manage more effectively than you ever imagined possible.

    Business Integrators.

    Is your own success overwhelming you? Tired of spending weekends catching up on bookkeeping? Wishing your customer payments would just show up in your operating account, on time? Hoping for the bills to pay themselves?


    Let us help you.


    We synchronize your accounting technology with your business objectives. We do setups, bookkeeping, and consulting. We use the best technology available to deliver services to you that are predictable, affordable and accessible. Low stress, low hassle.


    Integrations - We curate secure online business solutions, and assemble and manage a technology stack designed to meet exactly your needs.


    Bookkeeping - We reconcile your bank accounts, tally up your profits and costs, and deliver management reports and financial indicators.


    Document Storage - We securely fetch and file your statements, receipts, bills and contracts.


    Bills and Receipts - We process your bill inbox, auto-pilot your customer invoices, and keep your payment gateways running smoothly.


    Consulting - We facilitate decision experiences. Our planning sessions will help you connect business strategy to profits. Our forecasting will help you see it.

    Bring It.

    We simplify your accounting processes, record-keeping, and planning, so that you can make better decisions. Let's get intentional and make sure your money is really doing it's job.

  • We Are Your Online Accounting Specialists.

    Are you running your business, or is it running you?


    Watch how Arthur and his accountant use Xero accounting software to make sure the money is working like it's supposed to.

  • Value Pricing

    Our pricing is flat-rate, based on value, and packaged specifically for you.  We provide a personal, intimate service, and we mean for you to feel comfortable with us, and know that the value we're providing exceeds the price you pay. After meeting with you to get a deeper understanding of your needs, we'll design a proposal for you. We always offer more than one choice, and we will agree with you on your fee in advance, so that you are never surprised by your bill.

  • How We Work

    Because we believe effective technology is critical to your success, we curate a technology stack for your business that is integrative, collaborative, and scalable.

    Accounting Hub

    We use Xero, because they are the global leader in online accounting software. Their beautiful design plays nicely with add-ons like Stripe. They've transcended their competitors by delivering a system that fits the modern business, while still adhering with good old-fashioned, time-tested accounting principles.

    Bills and Payroll

    We like Gusto and Bill.com because they help us pay employees and vendors without a bunch of hassle, all online. So simple, so mobile, so compliant. And, it talks to our accounting software, entirely eliminating old-school redundancy.


    The most recent addition to our preferred tech stack is Hubdoc. We can't say enough good things about this fetch system that uses secure connections to retrieve and shelve the documents you need on hand, ready to grab at a moment's notice. Goodbye, paper-chase!

  • We Serve Pioneering Companies

    We don't expect every business owner to be a technical genius. But we work best with clients who fearlessly lean to the future, and who trust us to put modern technology to work for them.


    Show & Event Managers | Outdoor Recreation | Enterprise Tech | Coaches | B Corps | <50 Employees

    We Serve Passionate People

    We believe it takes an authentically passionate person to lead a business to transcend competition, continuously improve goods and services, acknowledge and reward accomplishments, and stay the course. Is this you?

    We Serve Vibrant Communities

    We are adventurers, and we like working with companies who work where we do, adventure like we do, and love what we love. Let us know if you are hanging out nearby, so we can meet up for coffee.


    Washington DC Metropolitan Area | Columbia Gorge | Colorado Front Range

    We Serve Responsible Companies

    We like working with people who use their businesses to make change for the good. We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Are you a B Corp, or interested in becoming one?

  • About Our Company

    We are visionary accountants.

    Responsibly Innovative.

    We value time, meaningful relationships, and personal integrity. We are knowledge workers, and we cultivate deep learning. We use innovative technology to disrupt the outdated business model in order to better serve your efforts. And, like most CPAs, we like to follow the rules, get things done on time, and make sure the numbers are where they are supposed to be, using a tried and true, time-tested, double-entry accounting protocol.

  • Our purpose at Holland Solutions is to help forward-thinking business owners to be successful. We help bright, hard-working people to transform ideas into reality, giving them peace of mind by taking care of the numbers.

  • Our Roots

    Meet Challen.

    A CPA for over 20 years, I left my career as a management consultant at a Big 4 firm to become a dedicated, full-time mom to my young children. This eventually also freed me up to help entrepreneurs in my community with bookkeeping and business technology. I like helping people with their big ideas.


    Experience has taught me how important it is to pay attention to a new idea, especially an outrageous one. To be willing to acknowledge a problem and look for a solution, and to take action. To be respectful of curiosity, and to spend time every day exploring and learning. I like helping other people do this, too.

    I believe.

    I believe in communicating effectively and authentically, and working collaboratively to support one another. I believe we all deserve to live abundantly, and I care about the people I work with. I believe my work is a service opportunity.


    If a day were infinite, I would also read a novel, paint a new color on my walls, and run for hours in the mountains. I try to do a little of some of these things most days. They fuel my energy, motivate my thinking, and distill my soul.

  • Our Founder

    Challen Edwards. Mom, entrepreneur, and adventurer.


    Her family roots are in Virginia and North Carolina, and she raised her children in northern Virginia. Now, she also spends as much time as possible in the Pacific Northwest and Colorado.


    During a retreat in August of 2011, and between treks on the Appalachian Trail near the Housatonic River, she founded Holland Solutions. A lot has happened since then.

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  • Source Your Counting.  Value Your Time.

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